3 Core Factors of Indifference in Homebuyers

Borrowers can be indifferent due to three core factors that we need to comprehend to grow mortgage business.

As 2021 approaches loan officers need to consider how to grow mortgage business without refinances. This means being able to combat non-buying attitudes of consumers.

Let’s take a look at most difficult non-buying attitude to overcome, indifference.  If you do not have the proper sales technique in the mortgage industry, this attitude can negatively affect business growth.


The attitude of Indifference is the number one enemy of a salesperson because it is Intangible – in sales, the definition of Indifference is the “perceived level of satisfaction a customer has with their current lender and they don’t see the need to change.” So, how do we approach this problem and change the customer’s perception? The process requires a multi-pronged strategy to defeat this most challenging of all attitudes and we have to dive a bit deeper into why Borrowers can be Indifferent due to three core factors that we need to comprehend before trying to break their Indifference.

  1. They see all lenders as being the same
  2. They want to use the same process they did last time and resist changing that approach to choosing a lender
  3. We TELL more than we ASK during the sales call which breeds Borrower Indifference 

The strategy to overcome Indifference comes from the actual definition we reviewed earlier, it is a PERCEPTION, not a reality that they may not find a better solution for their lender needs and we have to create that need with what are known as Narrow Leading Questions. These types of questions are asked to your personal and company strength and their purpose is to uncover an unrealized need the borrower may have and fill that need to change the Borrowers perception. 

The first exercise I encourage you all to do if you are to battle this attitude is to have in your mind at all times the three primary reasons a Borrower should work with you and/or your company. These are the keys to driving an effective narrow leading questioning plan to create the need to change the Borrowers perception. For example: you list your knowledge and experience as one of the three reasons, then your question has to be able to generate a YES response from the Borrower before you introduce that Feature so it becomes a Benefit in the Borrowers mind. Here is a sample narrow question you could pose that may uncover an unrealized need:  “Today the lending industry has a lot of complexity and challenges with the new laws and regulations, working with a LO who has years of experience may be beneficial when you pick a lender, wouldn’t you agree?” Then tie in your experience! Here is one for a digital platform lender: “Would you say having an easy loan process is important to you where you can track the progress of your loan and easily upload key documents to expedite your lending experience?” Our Digital Mortgage Application is a great tool for our Borrowers. You can easily apply in 5 minutes. During that 5 minutes we are pulling credit and verifying income and assets, which can eliminate the need for reviewing pay stubs, W-2s, tax returns and bank statements. Some loans will require documentation and you can easily upload them right to the application. Your Realtor gets status updates too.

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