Important Activities to Achieve Sales Goals in 2020

Make May an important activity month to achieve your sales goals for 2020

Mortgage professionals, figure out who you are going to Call ON NOW to achieve sales goals!!!

As we enter the month of May, many mortgage loan officers are still trying to figure out the social and business landscape we find ourselves in today. The borrowers, Realtors and Lenders are all assessing their plans on how to get through these uncharted waters. Let’s break down the task for a Lender into easy bite size segments to finish the second quarter of 2020 – one month at a time!

Realtor Strategies to Achieve Sales Goals

The first priority to achieve sales goals is clearing any prejudice or preconceptions you may have regarding how to sell to Realtors, as what we did in the past is not relevant to May 2020. By loan officers figuring out simply which agent has utilized your lending services in the first four months of this year, you know who you have to PROTECT. These individuals are your business partners and you need to make sure you touch them at least twice a week during these difficult times. To achieve sales goals, my suggestion is to give them a call on Monday to see how their weekend went in terms of any buyer activity or inquiries you can assist them with and if they do not answer, leave a positive voicemail. On Thursday or Friday, send them an email with a marketing or educational piece and a vast resource for this lies at MGIC. For example, MGIC’s robust Social Media Cafe is a great way to help your referral partners stay top of mind with their customers, when they can’t be face-to-face. Once we complete our maintenance call activity for our existing Realtor partners, now it’s time to dust off our actual selling tools and focus in the month of May on the top 10 Realtors who have not used you in 2020, but did utilize your lending services in the second half of 2019.

Reactivating Past Relationships to Achieve Sales Goals

Those loan officers who want to achieve sales goals, the time to call on your inactive Realtor partners is in May. While everyone is adjusting to the COVID-19 environment, people are more accessible than ever before with a phone call. Reach out to your top 10 past Realtor partners who worked with you in Q3 and Q4 of 2019 during the month of May and do this activity via the phone by making one to two calls per week throughout the 31 days of May.

When you get them on the phone ask these five basic questions to see if there is a chance to reconnect as you head into the second half of 2020:

  • How are you and your family doing during this challenging period?
  • What are you currently doing business wise to support your prospective buyers and sellers?
  • What role is a lender playing in helping you through the next couple of months?
  • As you look at the second half of 2020, what do you see happening in the real estate industry?
  • What role can I play to help you achieve your second half goals from a lender support position in 2020?

The answers to these five questions will provide loan officers with the plan you need to reactivate a past Realtor relationship and set up a strong finish for you and the agent in 2020.

Follow Up Breeds Success

If you want to achieve your sales goals, loan officers need to follow up. Once you have completed each call, be sure to remember to FOLLOW UP. Recap the answers and your action plan to the agent in a simple follow up email that hits their hands within 24 hours after your conversation. This shows your intent to pursue a working partnership and most importantly, you listened throughout the call and have true professional follow up skills they see you will implement with their client. Follow up separates a good call from a great call and by doing the little things right, you can have a very productive May even if we are not out in the field like we want to be.

At Dennis Black we are available for individual virtual online coaching sessions through this challenging period and can be reached through my website or my email at

Stay safe, healthy and always be selling!